Electronic Emergency Binder

Electronic Emergency Binder

I want to prepare…but I don’t know how.

I’ve thought about starting an emergency binder…but its too overwhelming.

I don’t even know where to start.

Does this sound like you?  This is where MOST people are.

We all start out with good intentions, but time, life, or family just get in the way.  It’s too hard to find the paper work, or it’s just too overwhelming you save it for “another day”.

Well… we all know “another day” never comes.

Don’t let this happen to you… again.

What if…

you had an EASY way to get you started and on the road to COMPLETING your emergency binder?

What if…

You had a PDF form that you could fill out, on your phone or computer, that saves the the time, and frustration of printing out pages and pages of documents.

A form that you could fill in all your important information, AND THEN save copies of everything onto a drive for easy access?  No need to find a “safe” place to keep a binder.  Just a safe place to keep a small zip drive or storage device.

Download your own Emergency Binder PDF to use for easy access, and organization.

Yes… it’s still going to take time and some organization… but since it will all be digital, you don’t have to worry about important documents all over the place.

You are standing at a crossroads…

Are you going to save that Emergency Binder you KNOW you need to do for “another day”.  Another day that never comes… until it is too late?


Are you going to take that next step, and start TODAY by filling out your Emergency Binder and getting to work.  All on your phone or computer.  Completely Digital.  No Hassle.

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